Firefly | Sports Recovery device for DOMS


Common Injury Types

Strains and sprains are common injuries that affect muscles and ligaments.

Strains happen when a muscle is stretched beyond its limits or is forced to contract too quickly, causing the muscle fibres to stretch or tear. Strains are common in the hamstrings, quadriceps and muscles of the calf.

A sprain occurs when your ligaments have been stretched, twisted or torn, usually as a result of excessive force applied to a joint - especially common in the knee and ankle.

Symptoms of strains and sprains include pain, swelling and inflammation, and loss of movement in the affected body part.

Most minor injuries may be treated with self-care techniques, including RICE therapy and firefly™.

Find out how the firefly™ device aids in the recovery of strains and sprains and reduces swelling after injury. More serious and persistent injuries should be treated by a doctor or physiotherapist.

Read the clinical evidence behind neuromuscular electrostimulation (NMES) and the firefly™ device to increase blood circulation for enhanced sports recovery.

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Christian Wade, England Rugby & London Wasps Player

The firefly™ devices have been a great tool to help reduce my swelling after surgery to accelerate the recovery from my Lisfranc injury. I knew it would be difficult none weight bearing and still needing to complete my normal daily activities, but firefly™ gave me freedom of movement at home to help manage the swelling. I could switch them on and off when I needed and they even enabled me to go out safe in the knowledge that I would be aiding my rehabilitation. I am now starting to run again so will incorporate firefly™ into my recovery routine as I return to match fitness.

Reducing Risk of Injury

An injury caused by sudden impact is hard to avoid whereas fatigue and overuse injuries are very common, especially in professional athletes because of the intense nature of training.

Although not all injuries can be avoided there are ways to reduce the risk of an injury occurring, these include:

  • Managing fatigue effectively
  • Adequate rest and recovery
  • Warming up properly before exercise
  • Performing an active recovery after exercise
  • Maintaining a good fitness level and not pushing your body beyond its limits.

Optimise your recovery by adding firefly™ to your current recovery methods. A good recovery strategy will help you improve performance and remain injury free, to keep you on the track, road, pitch or court!