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Top tips for keeping your ‘Get Fit’ New Year’s resolution.

It’s January, gyms are packed and that exercise class you attend every week is fully booked, which can only mean one thing… excited exercisers who have made ‘Get Fit’ their New Year’s Resolutions are back! It’s no wonder, as getting fit is one of the most common resolutions made after over indulging at Christmas. But, rest assured by mid-February the gym will be back to normal as enthusiasm dwindles and resolutions are a fading memory. In fact, according to research only 64% of resolutions make it to month 1 and only 8% make it the full 365 days.  

We found some fitness tips to help you keep that resolution and achieve your fitness goal in 2015: 


Give yourself a goal. Make it specific, rather than ‘get fitter’ you could say ‘I will work out at the gym 4 days a week’. Be realistic - if your aim is to run a marathon but you’ve never even run a mile, break it down in to smaller achievable goals with shorter deadlines, for example ‘run a 5k by month two’ – soon you will build up to running that 26.2 miles! This will help you to be effective and your end goal attainable.


Make a fitness plan. It is important to make your fitness routine work for you by working out on days and times that fit your busy schedule. Pick a time when you are most likely to feel energised (i.e. early morning or evenings) as everyone is different. Write the plan down and pre-book classes or pay in advance to help motivate you. 


Make gym dates with friends. You are more likely to stick to your plan if you know you have a gym buddy waiting for you. If your friend shares the same goal a bit of healthy competition is never a bad thing and could improve the results!

If you are struggling to stay motivated or need advice book a session with a personal trainer. Think of the extra cost as a treat!


Change things up. If you are exercising 4 times a week, even for experienced gym goers, the same routines can get repetitive and boring! Try something new like yoga, team sports, kettlebells, martial arts and lots more. The more variety in your fitness programme the more fun it is to follow and the more likely you are to succeed in keeping your resolution! 


There is nothing more motivational than seeing results so make sure to track your progress. Whether it be weight loss or a noticeable change in your muscle tone due to the exercise, the increased distance of a run, a faster time for that 30 mile cycle ride, or stacking on those weights – you will be more motivated to keep going.

Use fitness trackers and apps to monitor progress, there are tonnes out there, some even connect you to an online fitness community. Digital Spy recently published their review of some of the best tech and apps on the market that genuinely help get you fighting fit in no time. 


When you’ve reached a fitness goal – celebrate! Make your reward goal related and something that doesn’t undo all your hard work, like a massage, new fitness gear or firefly™ devices to help with your recovery. However, on occasion it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself to that slice of chocolate cake or a night out indulging in your favourite dinner – after all you have earned it! 


It’s going to be tough but keep going. It is suggested that it takes around 60 days for a new activity to become a habit - therefore the first two months are going to be vital. If you are losing steam – be persistent, regroup and refocus! 

Next week we’ll be back with some motivational quotes and images to inspire you!