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England Rugby League recover with firefly™

The England Rugby League team talk about using firefly™ to aid recovery during a tournament

The England Rugby League team used firefly™ devices for their recovery at a training camp in preparation for and during the Test Series against New Zealand in November 2015. 

Head of Human Performance for England Rugby League, Richard Hunwicks, talks about how firefly™ benefits his team during a tournament like this: "England’s competitive schedule involves intense periods of training, preparation and competition. The intensity of these periods is magnified due to the short time frame (4-5 weeks) in which the team has to not only peak but maintain physical freshness during this time. The firefly™ device has become an integral part of the teams’ recovery process. The importance of accelerated recovery cannot be underestimated and a progression away from typical methods of active recovery are invaluable. The ease of use of the firefly™ device allows for passive recovery at any time or place with maximal effect. The technology has a strong base of support from the research and is also highly regarded by the athletes.”


Sean O'Loughlin, Captain of the England Rugby League Team (pictured) added to Richard's comments: “The easy application of firefly™ after training or games provides me with instant recovery, increasing my circulation whilst I relax. I feel it reduces my DOMS significantly and I now use the devices consistently as part of my game preparation and recovery."

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