Firefly | Sports Recovery device for DOMS


About Us


Firstkind Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sky Medical Technology Ltd, is a highly innovative UK based medical devices company that has developed a ground-breaking neuromuscular electro-stimulation technology platform, OnPulse™. The company develops a range of products tailored to the needs of different medical application areas selling both direct and through strategic partnerships or distributors in each major clinical area. Clinical areas of interest include DVT prevention, reduction of oedema, wound healing, elite sport recovery, and continence. The goal in each clinical area is to improve clinical outcomes and patient care whilst saving health system resources.

The firefly™ device is designed for professional athletes to enhance the body’s own system to increase lower limb blood circulation for faster muscle recovery. 

firefly™ vision

To provide athletes, through our extensive medical devices expertise, innovative products that accelerate recovery and improve athletic performance.


Dr Scott Drawer, Head of Research & Innovation, UK Sport.
The physiological effects, portability and ease of use of the firefly™ device provides an additional approach to effectively manage the stresses of being a competitive athlete.

Product Overview

Worn immediately after exercise, the firefly™ device reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) within 24 hours and provides accelerated leg muscle recovery.

Small, light and comfortable to wear, the firefly™ device mimics the blood flow rate of walking - shown to be up to 60% - without an athlete having to move or exert energy.

Elite athletes describe the firefly™ device as the most convenient and effective sports recovery tool.